A word from
Lino A. Saputo, Jr., Chief Executive Officer

A Stronger Future

Saputo prides itself on having a sound workforce, by recognizing talent and encouraging the professional development of its employees in their leadership roles. In order to effectively lead our 12,500 employees now and in the future, we must continue to identify and build on our internal resources. New positions and job openings were created as needed at all levels of the organization. We support our employees’ objective to further their careers with us, which is complemented by hiring new talent that will strengthen our already experienced workforce. Our recruitment objective is fixed on finding the right cultural fit. We seek individuals who share our values and are interested in developing a career with us. Our continuous efforts ensure we are providing an attractive employment package and hiring the right people in the process. Along with offering the necessary professional training and guidance to new employees, we keep on building a sense of belonging and teamwork.

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

Our employees are our most important asset. As an organization, we care about their well-being and try to provide the best possible environment for their success. We focus on educating our employees in regards to the importance of health care and taking action towards a healthier future for themselves and for their children. Through wellness initiatives, we work with our partners to promote healthy behaviour amongst our employees, and improve their lifestyle by promoting physical activity and healthy nutrition. Encouraging our employees to take their health into their own hands is essential for achieving a work-life balance. Saputo aims to lead by example and we therefore promote healthy initiatives within local communities.

Putting Our Employees' Safety First

Saputo has always been committed to providing a safe work environment to all its employees. Individually and as a whole, they all contribute to strengthen our safety standards. By investing in Health & Safety education and awareness programs, we reinforce our internal responsibility system, and increasingly involve more employees in the process. Effective communication is a key element to the success of our action plan. By introducing a policy aimed towards eliminating violence and harassment in the workplace, we are able to perpetuate our communicative approach. We will also increase employee awareness and ownership of health and safety to further reduce exposure to risk. Our objective is to continue to prevent injuries by offering the operational tools and training that provide a more secure environment for our employees and give Saputo a competitive advantage.


We have been informed that false advertisements of vacant positions at Saputo have appeared on several websites and social networks. Please be cautious as these are fraudulent notices.

ALL job openings at Saputo are posted on our website at www.saputo.com. If you are informed of a position at Saputo and it does not appear on our site, please disregard it.

Saputo DOES NOT charge any fees to submit a job application to our Company, nor do we ask for any payment to obtain a work permit when an offer is made. No personal documents are required, apart from your resumé and letters of recommendation. Furthermore, Saputo does not make any job offers without first meeting the candidates.

We thank you for your interest in Saputo. If you have any questions, please contact our Head Office at 514-328-3466, extension 2160.